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Bum Marketing Method - Part Two

Ok! So now you know how you can get an article on Google in as little as 2 days! Let's cover some other things I am sure you may have questions on.

How You Can Make Money With This

If you have been doing internet marketing for any amount of time, I am sure your head is swimming with ideas.

If you are somewhat new to internet marketing; You may be thinking "So what? How does this help me make money?

What you are going to do is place affiliate links in your article. These are going to be links for companies you are an affiliate for.

Many companies including Wal-mart, Best Buy, Dish Network and many others pay you a commission just for sending them a visitor that purchases one of their products. What you want to do is visit the companies website and look for a link that says "affiliates", "affiliate program", "associates" or "partners"...there will normally be some good instructions on how to sign is ALWAYS FREE.

Many affiliates start with one of the most respected companies on the net called, just click on the link that says sign will find thousands of digital products you can sell...and get THIS...the average commission is 50%...if I was to take a "Bum" off the street, this is where I would start him at...checks come like clockwork every two weeks! THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO START!

Important Submission Considerations

We have talked primarily about 3 sites, there are a lot more, but for earning some decent and fast cash on the internet using articles these are the "Big 3" This site has great PR and is perfect for a new person to internet marketing that does not have a website because GoArticles allows you to link directly to the merchant website.

UsFreeAds: Great site for a newbie with no website! Also great for advanced marketers as Google adores UsFreeAds. Most ads when you follow the formula will show up in 2 weeks. One of the primary advantages of UsFreeAds is direct linking to merchant is allowed...and you can write an ad, instead of a whole article...a paragraph will show up in on the first page of Google easily...just remember to put your phrase as the title. IMPORTANT: UsFreeAds does not have the same PR as GoArticles or need to adjust your formula to 1000 (one thousand) or less optimized results on Google.

EzineArticles: The most powerful of them all with a PR 6 or PR 7! EzineArticles will get you listed on the first page with up to 10,000 (ten thousand) competing results. The drawbacks are you need to write a decent article as they are reviewed by a real person...Affiliate links are NOT allowed so you will need to point them at a website you own...with content OR a page that redirects to your affiliate site. OR you can set up a free blog at or You can not do blatant selling in the body of your article, but only in the "Bio Box" (I'll talk about that in a second) balance out the negatives...more ezine publishers and website owners go to EzineArticles for good content than any other site. What does that mean for you? It means that you may wake up one morning with 10, 20 or more sales because your article was used in a large site or online is very sweet when that happens! I have made a couple thousand dollars within a span of a week being picked up in large publications...this would be considered a home run...but most of my money is made batting singles and doubles.

(Did I mention that you can post to all of those sites FREE! The only small exception would be UsFreeAds which allows free ad submission, but I do recommend going for the premium membership which is a measly $9 a month and you get to place unlimited ads...complete with photos...and all the HTML tools.)

Article Writing Basics

I am going to give you a simple recipe for writing your is really quite simple...

In the intro: Tell them what you are going to tell them in the article.

In the body: Tell them!

In the summary: Tell them what you told them!

BIO Box: Very Important...give them a sentence of two about you...and then lead into your promotion...this is most commonly done like this:

"Did you find those tips on XXXX useful? You can learn a lot more about how XXXX can help you XXXX here."

Also if the site you are promoting is giving away a free course...or free tour...make sure you mention that in your BIO.

Tips to Make Writing Your Articles a Breeze

You do not have to do big long essays style articles! I think this is one of the big reasons people do not write more articles.

You can write a super article in 200 to 500 words...and use one of the following really simple formats:

Tips - People LOVE tips...7 tips to...3 easy tips...and so on...these are dirt simple to write.

FAQ's - One of my favorites! FAQ's (frequently asked questions) are so easy to write! Find out the top 3 to 5 questions people have on a particular topic...and answer them! People love these type of articles...and minimum research is required even for more complicated topics!

Review Articles - Have you bought a book, movie, software or other item that you really liked? Write a little review on that product...people love good honest reviews...I know a couple people making some really good money reviewing movies...these articles get TONS of traffic...and there are lots of affiliate programs where you can make a nice movie rentals...dvd sales...etc...It just does not get any more fun than that folks!

Want to see an example?

Here is a review style article I did just a few days ago:

Click Here to See A Live Example

And guess what? I got the #1 position on Google in days...


And I already got my first big fat $44 commission...and will get commissions for months and months to come...It really is THAT simple!

Putting It All Together - Let's Make Some Money!

First you need to find phrases you can dominate quickly (the 1000 to 5000 optimized results rule)

So let's go to a free tool you can use right away:

Free Wordtracker Tool what I like to do is think of things that I know are right now...and you want to start out with a broad term...and see what people are interested in...

So I know the term PSP is hot right now...and I know music is always lets try that and see what we get...

So we type in PSP MUSIC into the tool and here's a partial of what we get:

psp music on overture

Now here's a little secret...the more words the phrase a general rule the less optimized results that phrase will have...and people typing that phrase in the search engine are more likely to buy...

So...I am not even going to try just "psp music"...but lets look at "how to download music to psp"'s what it shows on Google:

So that might be a little too much competition...but it might be worth a try since it gets so many searches...

But let's try one where we can get a 90% success rate...let's try "how to put music on the psp":

HOLY COW! ONLY 219! That is some easy pickins my friend...

Now let's take a look at a real life example...about two months ago I actually did an article for "how to download music to psp"...

Let's look at Google's search results for that term:

Me #5

And that is for the term without quotes...which is the way your searcher will search...


Now check this out...look at how many people have viewed my article in the last couple months:

article views

Now there are people paying 50 cents a click for that term at times...I got this advertising free on Google...if I were paying 50 cents a click I would have spent over $3,400...

The affiliate program I am promoting pays $24 a pop...I have been making several hundred dollars a month just from this one article...

Folks...that is a new car payment...a nicer house...and if you have a number of these going a catapult to financial freedom!


I Hope You Are Getting Excited

It really is simple...and you can do this to get immediate build your opt-in list...or even to drive traffic to your Adsense Pages.

You just need to do it and get to work!

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